CCR provides short line transportation services that are current, reliable, timely and cost effective.


What We Do

SHORT LINE OPERATIONS – CCR is a leader in service and safety; our customer service stands among the best in the Canadian short-line  industry. CCR promotes mutually efficient relationships with our customers no matter how small or large they are. CONSULTING - Feasibility of potential short line acquisitions fifteen projects (15) and six (6) turn key short-lines established: Great Western Railway, Last Mountain Railway, Boundary Trail Railroad, Long Creek Railroad, Lake Line Railroad, and Forty Mil
CCR connects with Canadian Class I railroads, as well as all other locations in the North American railway industry in general, providing reliable accessibility to markets, wherever they may be. Our staff have extensive invaluable experience in the short line and Class 1 railway environments; CCR provides services including: (a) short line establishment (consulting), (b) train and switching operations, (c) engineering and maintenance of way services, (d) logistics , (e) marketing and (f) rail car storage. ENGINEERING and MAINTENANCE of WAY SERVICES – CCR provides engineering and maintenance of way services including design, engineering,  construction, and track upgrades and rehabilitation, as well as ongoing maintenance services such as rail, tie and ballst maintenance and renewal, including tamping and regulating activities.
TRAIN and SWITCHING OPERATIONS – CCR offers a completes package of train operations and contract switching services including provision of motive power as required, fully qualified operating personnel, related goods and materials and administration; CCR has become a go-to contract switching entity with the ability to switch and administer switched traffic to your requirements. MARKETING - establishment and site provision for customer grain marketing opportunities, fertilizer trans-loading, scrap trans-loading sites.

LOGISTICS - logistics services including traffic interchange, way billing, customer invoicing, freight rate establishment, tariff establishment and publication, car tracing / tracking, interface and compliance with the requirements of the Association of American Railroads, compliance with the federal and provincial rail regulatory environment including authoring and maintenance of safety management systems as well all relevant and related administrative services and reports relating to the foregoing services.
 RAIL CAR STORAGE - more than one hundred spots for the storage of high value traffic, requiring rapid access to in-and-out Class 1 interchange, at preferred rates for switching and daily fees.



CRR - effective short-line transportation and administrative services..